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As a way to remember the work and dedication of the widowed Preotese (priest wives) of the Episcopate, each year, A.R.F.O.R.A. sends each of them a greeting card and small monetary gift at Christmas, Pascha (Easter) and the Feast of St. Parascheva. Please continue to pray for these exceptional women who sacrificed much together with their husbands in service to Christ and His Church.


In an effort to assist with the missionary outreach of the Episcopate, each ladies auxiliary is invited to hold at least one fundraiser during the year, the profits from which they are asked to send to the Episcopate's Department of Missions to be used to support the needs of newly-forming parishes across the country.  The funds go toward religious objects for the holy services, service books, clergy vestments, and supplementing clergy salaries where needed.


Recognizing our call to Christian stewardship and sharing the talents and blessings given to us by God, A.R.F.O.R.A. invites ladies auxiliaries to "Share the Wealth" by holding a fundraiser and sending A.R.F.O.R.A. a percentage of the profits.  A.R.F.O.R.A., in turn, contributes a percentage of the portion they receive to an annually designated charitable cause. This year we decided to contribute to “Vatra Generation” project.



Caring for the needs and concerns of women, physically as well as spiritually, A.R.F.O.R.A. has developed informational brochures in both the English and Romanian languages concerning such topics as prayer and cancer.


Recognizing the importance that all women have opportunities for spiritual nourishment, A.R.F.O.R.A. established that a spiritual retreat should be hosted by parishes/auxiliaries in each geographic area (or Deanery where convenient) on the Fifth Saturday of Great Lent each year.  These events are usually open to all women, and even men in many cases, and everyone is encouraged to participate in them.

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